HumanPal Dispute

The objective here is, if average folks can figure out what a senior HumanPal support rep, even after a month long discussion could not. However, he was fluent in mentioning legal action if I would share my concern on social networks. From a loyal long-time customer perspective, it was sand in the eyes and inspired me to waste more time and take on the challenge.

The HumanPal Version 1 was impressive, but to rectify a later rendering issue should have been rectified with a more powerful server, instead a downgrade to Version 2, animating just a small area in the avatar face.

As such, HumanPal Version 2 avatars have been reduced to an above-hip configuration and short hair only. Feature no eyebrow movements (except blinking eyes), and no realistic chin, head, shoulders, and hand movements.

Realistically, HumanPal Version 2 avatars have been reduced to images with blinking eyes and moving mouths, and can no longer even compete with its own original version 1.  Especially considering the current fast based Avatar technical advancements, like used in video 1 and video 5.

I recommend this top notch vendor, because in today’s business environment, being ahead with the latest technology is not a luxury, but essential to survive and thrive.

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