When you’re sure you’ve been taken advantage of.

We offer the service of having your evidence compiled into a video on a page we furnish. Moreover, we can provide additional videos properly formatted and then automatically post them to the social networks of your choice, or to all of them, at intervals of your choosing, with a schedule of up to a year if you wish.

Hosting videos on our private video platform allows us to incorporate surveys and email subscriptions within the video for users with negative experiences with this vendor and provide convenient links to organizations such as Trustpilot, Yelp, and BBB.
Since a good reputation is essential for any business, this service can have a devastating impact. Consequently, the onus will entirely be on you, the claimant, that you have solid evidence to negate a legal counter-challenge.
Especially since we can only stop a long-term scheduled automatic posting process to the networks you have chosen, but we cannot reverse any already submitted postings. So, perhaps, trying to settle your dispute with the vendor once more, revealing your intent to go public on social networks might turn into an amicable settlement.
If all attempts fail, submit your case with a good description to the email address on the bottom of this page. Provide evidence screen captures and recordings compiled into a short video for posting to websites and chosen social networks.

Current Status🙂

We’re happy to announce that all active cases have been amicably resolved between the parties, even before being posted to the any social networks.

Pending Status

Awaiting data for 2 Cases

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